First-person Mario video will blow your mind

The flat world of classic Mario gets turned into a heart-pounding first-person adventure as you get a Mario-eye-view of a final level and boss fight.

Mario first person
Bowser doesn't look too happy to see you. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

If you were to cross Mario with Resident Evil, what would you get? Probably something that looks a lot like Brandon Laatsch's YouTube video of Mario as a first-person game.

This vision of Mario follows the final level. It's moody. Rain pours down. Rocky Wrenches pop up and throw dangerous tools. I half expect zombies to shuffle out of the shadows. It culminates with an impressive fight scene with Bowser. The only thing we're missing is a rendering of Mario meeting up with his princess.

It took 50 days of rendering to churn out the 2-minute video, but it was worth the wait and effort. The smooth and detailed graphics really pull the old-school Mario world into an entirely new dimension. Nintendo should at least be entertaining the idea of this as a real game.

Before you push play on the video, you might want to pop a Dramamine. The first-person viewpoint really accentuates every leap, bounce, and stomp. This is why I would never make it through a game of Mario done in first-person. The motion sickness would knock me out way before I ever got to Bowser.

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