First iPhone 4 reviews

The iPhone 4 launch is imminent, and a lucky few have already received their phones and promptly posted reviews and first-hand impressions of them online.

Two days before the iPhone 4 launch, reviews and photos of it are popping up.
Two days before the iPhone 4 launch, reviews and photos of it are popping up. CNET

Even though the official launch date for the Apple iPhone 4 will be this Thursday, June 24, some people have already received their phones either via preorder or because they are members of the preferred press. Of course, this means reviews and first-hand photos and videos of the new iPhone 4 have already been posted. Here are a few we've spotted today; please let us know of any others! Of course, stay tuned for CNET's definitive iPhone 4 review in the next few days.

The official reviews:
Boing Boing
The New York Times
USA Today
Wall Street Journal

Unofficial reviews and photos found around the Web:
- San Diego lawyer Gil Cabrera has received some attention for tweeting about the early arrival of his iPhone 4
- Loyal Moses also posted pictures of his new iPhone 4 on his blog, and he took pictures with it.
- We found a few YouTube videos of people unboxing their new iPhone 4s:
Unboxing video 1
Unboxing video 2
Unboxing video 3

If you were one of the few folks who received your iPhone 4 early, let us know in the comments!

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