Finding your perfect grill

New Sub-Zero Wolf Outdoor Grills come in three sizes.

One of three available sizes. Sub-Zero/Wolf

Finding the perfect grill for your backyard can be a daunting task. After you get past the first big question: gas, charcoal, or (gasp) electric, then you will find a whole new set of parameters that will shape your decision. Size and power are among the most important factors to consider, and with so many options available, the perfect grill is out there somewhere.

The new Sub-Zero Wolf Outdoor Grills come in three sizes, all with the option to be included as a built-in or for use with a freestanding cart. Choose from a 30-inch, 36-inch, or 42-inch model to suit your needs. Once selected, the options don't stop. Each grill is capable of several cooking methods from a high-heat sear burner on the larger two models, to a rotisserie that is included in all options. The grills also use direct and radiant heat for more even heat distribution.

Details round out the feature set of these grills. Underneath the easy-open hood (which uses hidden springs to assist in lifting) are two halogen lights for when the grill session extends into the night. Furthermore, LED lights positioned over the knobs make it easy to see at night. The grill grate itself is hexagonal in shape, allowing for better heat contact with your food. Finding the grill you want is reward enough on its own, but add convenience and options into the mix and you just might start doing all of your cooking outdoors.

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