Finally, some actual Web 2.0 apps at Web 2.0 Expo

Launch Pad rapid-fire demo session highlights six cool start-ups.

As I've said previously , the Web 2.0 Expo show features a lot of products for developers. But there are still cool new Web apps to find--especially at the Launch Pad, a rapid-fire demo session featuring six relatively new companies. It's kind of like a mini- Demo .

Acquia sells a commercialized version of Drupal, the open-source content management (and Webware 100 winner). If you buy the open-to-commercial model, as executed by RedHat (Linux), and Trixbox (Asterisk), this business makes a lot of sense. I'm glad to see the platform get some business attention.

Chirpscreen is a fun little app that shows you what your friends are up to on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. It also tracks eBay keywords for you. You can get your updates in a desktop window or on your screensaver. It's like a more graphical version of Friendfeed, and like Friendfeed (and other Twitter clients), you can also reply back to posts you see in the tool. It feels like a shallow app, but that's just because it's pretty. News today: Mac version now available.

Smart question from the venture capitalist panel on Chirp: how do you make money? Answer: ads, affiliate feeds, and bundled downloads. All proven models, but none really light my fire.

JobScore. This is a clever recruiting service. Not only can you outsource your company's jobs page to this company, but it will track applications to your jobs. And in a neat twist, it lets you make money from the applicants you don't hire. See previous coverage: Jobscore pays you for recruiting rejects . Update: launching some of the features now, as well as free credits now if you sign up.

Oortle is announcing Videophlow, a social app that lets you view YouTube videos in lockstep with other people, chat about them, and perform important tasks like throw virtual tomatoes at the screen. See today's coverage: Videophlow tries to enliven YouTube .

Tradevibes is a place to discover new start-up companies. Most of the companies on the service are, not surprisingly, Web start-ups. Seems to be oriented more towards industry experts and entrepreneurs than users, but has a nice community vibe. You can also embed Tradevibes database widgets on your own site. I'm going to spend more time looking at this one. News today: a "top movers" list that shows what the community likes best.

Triggit is a very odd blogger's helper, focused on adding monetization (affiliate links, mostly) to posts. It can also automatically add related videos from YouTube and Flickr. See previous review: Triggit: Weird but handy blogging tool . The news today is a handy new way to drag Google Adsense ads into a page. Pretty handy tool if Adsense is part of your monetization scheme.

Via SMS voting, the audience picked Triggit as its favorite. My favorites: Acquia and Jobscore. They have real business models.


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