FileMaker Pro 4.0v2 bug? Nope.

FileMaker Pro 4.0v2 bug? Nope.

Gann Matsuda writes: "After updating to FileMaker Pro 4.0v2 (Power Mac G3/300 minitower, 160 Mb RAM, OS 8.1), a script that moves a user from one database to a related record in another already-opened database no longer works. The script does not bring the other database to the foreground nor does it show the related record. In fact, it shows that no records were found (no records are lost, however). Moving back to FileMaker Pro 4.0v1 fixed the problem." I have not received other reports of this bug as yet.

Update: FileMaker investigated this problem and determined that it was due to corrupted database files - and not to a bug in the FileMaker application.

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