File under useful? Sunglasses case with built-in speaker

Hong Kong's Asia Vantage combines sunglass cases with music speaker.

Sharing music has never been easier, or perhaps sillier, than this.

Asia Vantage, a Hong Kong-based company, has designed a sunglasses case that features a built-in portable speaker. Users can plug their iPod or mobile phone into the case and groove away with friends.

The cases also come with compartments for loose change and credit cards.

The cases, called Shady Beats, are designed to protect sunglasses from getting scratched as they are tucked in next to a NXT, flat-panel speaker, the company said on its Web site. The speaker is powered by two triple-A batteries.

Couldn't find them for sale in U.S., but in the United Kingdom, the cases go for, 25 pounds. (That's equivalent to about $50.)

So Shady Beats either could appeal to consumers with too much stuff or too much cash.

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