Fiat 500 gets size-conscious

Fiat posts a massive advertisement for its 500 in Berlin.

Fiat 500 advertisement
Fiat's massive advertisement shows off the minuscule 500. Fiat

Last year Fiat built a mammoth version of its new Fiat 500 mini car for the Frankfurt auto show, and now, in a fit of more size-conscious advertising, Fiat put up a mammoth advertising display for the tiny car in Berlin. This giant display is 3,100 square feet per side, and it is set up near Checkpoint Charlie, the former Berlin wall gate between West and East Germany. The cool feature of this advertising monument is that you can text it. According to Fiat, if you send a text to 84000 with the password Fiat 500, the message will scroll across a 65-foot display on the sign. We imagine Fiat censors the messages, but it's a good chance to brush up on your German.

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