Ferrari's $3,000 boombox

Partnership with Meridian to produce entertainment system

Shiny Shiny

Crave appreciates fine sportscars as much as anybody, but even we thought it a bit odd that Ferrari was making an audio system that some people planned to keep in their garages. (To lull their Enzos to sleep, we assume.)

The company has decided, thankfully, to make something for the living room too by partnering with Meridian to create its F80 entertainment system. Its features don't exactly blow the doors off competing products--the F80 can play DVDs, CDs, MP3 files and AM/FM radio with 80 watts of power--but Shiny Shiny says it does have a "sleek high-lacquer finish and organic curves" in a style worthy of the Ferrari name.

The price may seem a tad steep starting at 1,495 pounds, or nearly $3,000, but compare that with the $20,000 tag on the "Art Engine" system sitting in the garage. When you're talking about Ferraris, it's all relative.

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