Feeding 2.0

I just learned that pouched baby food is considered the 2.0 of baby food. So I guess that adding an integrated dispensing spoon to the pouch--so that you squeeze food and feed the kid one-handed--is feeding 2.0, right?

A pouch of baby food with an attached dispensing spoon.
Attach, squeeze, and feed. Boon Inc.

You know how you can never find the spoon at the bottom of the diaper bag when the baby is screaming for food? Sure, maybe I could be a more organized mom, but I've seen my friends with the same frenzied look nearly every time I'm out and about.

I'd never heard of pouched baby food before this product turned up in my in-box, but apparently it's a popular alternative to jars. And Plum Organics has teamed up with Boon Inc. to create a spoon and pouch system. The custom-designed spoon easily attaches to the spout of any Plum Organics Stage 1 or 2 baby food pouch and lets you feed your baby with one hand, with no mess. When you're on the go, a free hand is a lifesaver.

The spoon is made from BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free materials, and it comes with its own carrying case. It is reusable, and it's dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Find it online for about $4 for a two-pack.

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