Fear not the keyboard

Thoughts on the new iMac keyboard

The Macalope had the chance to rub his furred and musky body up against one of the new iMacs over the weekend as he ventured down from the high mountain plains where he makes his home to engage in some shopping and the inevitable frightening of the children at the local mall.

It just comes with having an unusual noggin.

He was mostly interested in doing what he's heard so many Apple pundits say they've wanted to do: "try out that new keyboard". Ah, the trying of the new keyboard! Indeed, it has been spoken of as if it were some heretofore unknown beast like the Jabberwocky.

Ironically, the Macalope not only knows the Jabberwocky quite well, but he realized after laying hooves on it that he also knows this keyboard quite well.

While everyone knows the keyboard is based on the MacBook's, no one seems to have realized that if they wanted to "try out that new keyboard", all they had to do is sashay over to a MacBook and give it a whirl. It's not based on it, it's exactly the same. Sure, it's in a different form factor, but the touch of the keys is identical and that's really what people mean when they say they want to "try out".

While it might cause some ergonic issues for some, the Macalope quite liked it and easily banged out a few sentences even with his clumsy hooves. He's looking forward to getting one his one self.

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