FCC leaks info on AT&T's Pantech Duo 2

The Duo is an interesting phone, but the update looks even better with dual-sliding keyboards and Windows Mobile 6.1.


Before collapsing under the incredible blogger peer pressure and buying an iPhone, I was a user of Helio's Ocean. The thing was great. It did everything the iPhone did and still outperforms it in some ways (MMS and video capture, anyone?), and Pantech's engineers used the dual-sliding idea to create the Pantech Duo for AT&T last year.

Sadly, the Duo was all hardware. Running Windows Mobile 6 meant that while it had a lot of things it could do, they weren't going to be as easy as you'd like. But now, thanks to the FCC, we've got a look at the successor, the Duo 2.

Using a similar form factor with dual sliding keyboards--one T9, one QWERTY--the Duo 2 adds Windows Mobile 6.1 and upgrades the camera to 2 megapixels, but that's about it. The rest of the key features remain for the most part the same.

That being said, it does have a more Ocean-like design, far slicker than the original Duo, so that's something. No word on when AT&T will start selling the phone or what it will cost, but we'd guess early next year for about $100 after rebates and the signing away of two long years of your life.

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