FCC approval suggests November Android debut

The first handset with Google's Android software, the HTC Dream, is now expected to arrive in November after passing FCC certification.

HTC's Dream handset will bring Android to the masses this fall. FCC

It looks like Google's Android software will make its formal debut in November, now that the Federal Communications Commission has given its seal of approval to the HTC Dream handset.

Engadget noticed that HTC's "DREA100" handset has been approved for sale in the U.S. after passing the FCC's wireless tests. T-Mobile is going to be the carrier for the Dream handset , which will apparently have a BlackBerry-like "jog ball" as the primary controller.

After picking through the rest of the documents available on the FCC's Web site, VentureBeat believes that T-Mobile, HTC, and Google will launch the phone on November 10, since a confidentiality request attached to the application asks the FCC to keep details secret until that date. Last week The New York Times reported that October was the likely launch date , but it would be kind of silly to ask the FCC to stay quiet for a month about a handset that will be torn apart and analyzed within 12 hours of its debut.

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