Faulty batteries causing PowerBook crashes?

Faulty batteries causing PowerBook crashes?

We're beginning to investigate a new issue where faulty batteries (usually third-party) can cause freezing problems with PowerBooks.

MacFixIt reader Neil Waelder writes:

"Purchased new (third-party) battery on 11/5/2004. I started experiencing complete lockup of computer, where the mouse freezes without warning, and there is no indication a crash has occurred except for mouse freeze or disappearance.

"When this occurs I must reset/reboot with power button. This has occurred randomly every few hours or less for 5 days. This occurs at all levels of charge. This occurs when power adapter is plugged in. This seems to occur occasionally, immediately upon unplugging power adapter.

"I suspected the battery after booting in single-user mode and seeing: 'PMU Forced reset Error: - 1xx' (I think error -127) on the command line. Computer has experienced crash on command line.

"Changed back to OEM Apple battery and problem no longer occurs. It appears that the new battery voltage is marginal. I suspect that the battery voltage is marginal and this is causing electrical failure."

If you are experiencing a similar issue, please drop us a line at late-breakers@macfixit.com.

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