FaceTime for Mac out of beta

FaceTime for Mac is now available in the Mac App Store for 99 cents. The service enables video chats with fellow FaceTime users on the iPhone 4, new iPod Touch, or other Macs.

FaceTime for Mac is now available.
FaceTime for Mac is out. Apple

Mac owners can now download FaceTime for video chats with friends.

Apple said today that FaceTime for Mac is available in its Mac App Store for 99 cents. With the help of the app, those using Mac OS X Snow Leopard can engage in video chats with people using the FaceTime app on the iPhone 4, the latest iPod Touch, and other Macs.

Apple first announced FaceTime for Mac back in October . At the time, the software was in beta. As of today, it is officially out of beta.

FaceTime for Mac lets people see video in standard definition or in HD up to 720p resolution. If someone calls a person on the Mac, the computer rings, regardless of whether FaceTime is running or not. In addition, if an Apple account is linked to multiple installations of FaceTime, calls ring on all the computers running the software.

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