Faced with a struggling economy, the best accessories in life are free

Faced with a struggling economy, the best accessories in life are free.

Hands are totally overrated. Jeff Staple

I hate buying accessories for my iPhone; it's totally counter-intuitive. You're saying that I need to buy OTHER stuff to make the phone I just bought more useful? It doesn't make sense to me, and it doesn't make sense to Jeff Staple of Staple Design either.

Check out this iPhone/iPod Touch cradle he made out of a simple binder clip that (let's be real here) you can easily liberate from your company's supply closet! It might take a bit of tweaking with pliers to get the wire to stand up on its own, but I'd rather do it myself than give away more of my hard-earned money! Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, don't get one, I'm about to make these by the dozen and and sell them all on eBay; watch the first ones go up tonight. How does $10.99 + tax sound? Race you to the patent office!

More pics after the break.

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