Facebook shows iOS developers some love

The social network upgrades tools for integrating Facebook into apps on iOS 6. This is a significant upgrade and Android won't be far behind, Facebook says.


Facebook released a new developer kit today that will make it easier to integrate Facebook into apps running on iOS 6.

This upgrade, which Facebook says is its most significant ever, means developers can create apps that functions more as a built-in part of the operating system rather than as an afterthought. Facebook said this will drive installs and encourage users to spend more time on apps.

"This integration opens up new opportunities for mobile app developers as you can easily build the foundation for a social app, Facebook log-in and sharing functionality, into your product," Platform Product Manager Eddie O'Neil wrote in a blog post.

These new ready-to-use interface features include a native log-in, friend picker, places picker, and profile pictures. Developers can just drop these elements into their apps for a faster build. There is also support for the new iPhone 5 screen size and resolutions.

Additionally, an Android developer kit upgrade of similar proportions is on its way. Although no release date has been set, the Android upgrade is "definitely something we're working on and it's coming out soon," a Facebook spokesperson said.

The social network is doing more of the development legwork, so developers can spend more time building and improving other elements of their apps. In the end, that means better app experiences for users and, Facebook hopes, more apps featuring the company's social sharing functions.

Clearly, Facebook knows keeping developers happy and productive is important. The company recently offered better access to its data feeds.

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