Facebook Paper users can now share stories with anyone

The latest update to the iPhone app gives you the ability to share an article via e-mail, text message, or Facebook Message.

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Facebook has tweaked its Paper app to encourage more sharing.

Released on Tuesday, version 1.0.2 of Facebook Paper now lets you share certain Facebook posts by e-mail, text message, or Facebook Message. Previously, the app restricted you to only sharing posts with your Facebook friends.

To share a particular post, tap on the arrow key at the bottom of the screen, and you'll see several different options for sharing. You can't share every post by e-mail or text message -- only ones that link to actual online articles.

The latest update also allows you to turn off sound effects and create posts in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, among other languages.

Launched a month ago, Facebook Paper provides a more fluid way for mobile users to view articles, photos, and videos on their Facebook feeds. You can swipe your way from one story or post to another, tap on a particular post to view it full screen, and then swipe down to close a story. You can also create a post, send a message, view your notifications, and take care of other common Facebook tasks.

So far, Paper is available only as an iPhone app.

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