Facebook Home friends Android homescreens in hands-on video

Check out our hands-on video live from the launch of Facebook Home, the social network's latest Android offering.

In an attempt to dominate your phone and encourage you to live your life even more vicariously through Facebook, the social network has launched 'Home' , an Android skin which will splatter your homescreen with your friends' updates. We go hands-on with the new app in the video above.

Home works as a launcher, which you can install on your phone from the Google Play store to turn it into a Facebook-focused device. It'll tuck the rest of your Android apps away into a folder and cover your screen with full-screen photos of your friends as they post updates.

You can swipe through the update pages, 'liking' items and commenting directly from the interface as you go. Take a look at the software in action live from its launch by hitting play on the video above.

One significant feature that comes with Facebook Home is 'Chat Heads', which isn't in fact a New Wave covers band, but a messaging tool that plants a photo of a message's sender on your screen, so you can see exactly who's bugging you.

Home is set to go live on the Google Play store on 12 April in the US, with UK availability to follow "within a few weeks". At launch, Home will be available on the HTC One , One X, and Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 2 .

Facebook Home will also ship on the freshly unveiled HTC First -- hit play on the video below or check out our full preview to see if it's the phone for you.

Does Facebook Home get a thumbs up from you? Is Facebook still your favourite white and blue-hued social network, or do your allegiances lie with Larry the Bird and his pal the Fail Whale? Tell all in the comments, or head over to -- where else? -- our Facebook page.


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