Facebook apps center opening as soon as today?

Social network to launch new feature in coming days, sources tell Business Insider.

Facebook App Center

Facebook users may be able to access the social network's newly minted app center as early as today or tomorrow, Business Insider reports. The information comes from an unnamed source who was "briefed by Facebook on the service."

Facebook announced its new service in early May by asking developers to submit images and copy for Facebook's consideration, and said it planned to roll out the center in coming weeks.

Facebook's App Center is designed to push the best social apps to you based on your Facebook behavior. It will link users to the app at the app stores of Apple or Google, depending on your device. Users would also be able to pay a flat fee to use an app on Facebook and rate apps. The center will also drive mobile app installs .

Currently, there are more than 200 apps integrated with Facebook, and each has more than 1 million active users.

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