EZNote 1.4 is out; excellent "note" utility

EZNote 1.4 is out; excellent "note" utility

EZNote 1.4 is out: A press release states: "Great for web browsing, save selections of text as individual notes or append them to one single note! Bring up a text editor instantly with one key press! Copy selected text from any application with one keystroke and store it for later reading or editing."

New features added in version 1.4: Added searchable comments for each note (which are linked with the Finder comments), can now choose between saving notes as clipping files or standard text files, window is moveable and resizable (and the location & size is now remembered after restarting), and more.

I have been trying it out for the last day or so and really like it. It's superior to Apple's Note Pad and Stickies.

Update: Patrick Reilly recommends Gramotki, another note utility.

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