Explorer Touch Mouse joins Microsoft's touch device lineup

Microsoft adds Explorer Touch Mouse to touch-based input device family.

Microsoft's new Explorer Touch Mouse.
Microsoft's new Explorer Touch Mouse Microsoft

Microsoft brought the first of its touch-mice concepts to market last fall with the Arc Touch Mouse, and we got a preview of the higher-end (and more simply named) Touch Mouse this past January. Today Microsoft introduces a third member of its touch-mouse family with the Explorer Touch Mouse.

Microsoft's interpretation of touch-based input devices has so far been more limited than Apple's Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad, incorporating touch input in just the scroll wheel of its Arc Touch Mouse.

The Explorer Touch Mouse takes a similarly limited approach to touch, but Microsoft has expanded the touch-based scrolling to support both vertical and lateral tracking, making it more useful for navigating spreadsheets and other wide documents and images.

The wireless Explorer Touch Mouse also includes a few other programmable buttons, Microsoft's BlueTrack laser sensor, as well as a purported 18 months of battery life, all for a relatively reasonable $49.95.



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