Explorer glitch with downloading plug-in content

Explorer glitch with downloading plug-in content

A reader sent us the following technical note: We have discovered that Mac version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.x behaves differently when downloading plugin content than does Netscape 3.x/4.x, and MSIE 3.x on both Mac and Windows platforms. In order to load a plugin, one normally uses tags such as: <embed src="mycontent.myc" type="application/x-mycontent">. The browsers then query whatever tables they have to find what can handle the ".myc" files of application/x-mycontent. However, on Mac IE4 this is not sufficient; Mac IE4 is listening to the "Content Type" header being pushed by the web server over that which is embedded in the HTML tags; so, if your provider doesn't allow you to add to their mime.types, it will probably push out a header to the browser like "text/plain". What this does is cause Mac IE4 to display the standard "I don't have anything capable of handling 'text/plain'.....", completely ignoring what you just told it in HTML tags. We verified this in many ways. All it takes to fix it is to add the appropriate content line to your web server mime.types file.


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