Expand your screen estate with 22-inch LCD monitor, $179.99 (after rebate)

Acer's AL2216WBD is a fairly basic LCD, but it does offer HDCP compliance for folks who want to watch Blu-ray movies.


Hey, remember that 22-inch LCD monitor for $199 from a couple weeks ago? Phhhbbblllttttt. Office Depot has an Acer 22-incher on sale for $179.99, though you do have to wait on a $60 mail-in rebate.

The Acer AL2216WBD offers fairly standard specs, including 1680x1050 native resolution, 5ms response time, and 700:1 contrast ratio. It sports both VGA and DVI connectors, and the latter is HDCP-compliant, meaning you'll have no trouble viewing Blu-ray movies if your PC or notebook has a Blu-ray drive.

CNET's reviewer and 26 users all rated the monitor 3.5 stars out of 5, so you can rest assured it's a solid product (if a little strapped for features). I've got a very similar Acer staring me in the face right now, and it's excellent--no complaints. Office Depot's sale expires today, so if you're looking for a big ol' monitor on the cheap (and don't mind waiting on a rebate), click quick.

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