Exclusive interview: The Wooden Birds

Exclusive interview: The Wooden Birds

If you haven't heard of The Wooden Birds, maybe you know Andrew Kenny from his other band The American Analog Set. Or perhaps Matt Pond from Matt Pond PA?

If you haven't heard of any of these guys, well, you have some catching up to do on your indie rock. The new quartet stopped by the CBS Interactive studios to share some thoughts and tunes from their new LP "Magnolia." The lineup features Andrew Kenny on lead vocals and guitar; Leslie Sisson on vocals; Sean Haskins on drums; and, unexpectedly, Matt Pond on guitar.

Check out the exclusive interview and performance, then visit the band's artist page on Last.fm if you'd like to hear more.

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    Peter Gavin is an associate producer at Download.com Music as well as a producer of his own music under the name Moped. When he's not at work or in the studio, look for him on the Frisbee golf course.


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