Excessive cuteness, meet excessive violence (circa 1996)

A developer at Chumby has fully ported Quake to the cuddly little system.

Chumby, the future of gamin'? No, but a cool port. Bunnie Studios

From the "unlikely, but not really unlikely" (especially given the open-source nature of the platform) section of geeky tech comes news that a developer at Chumby has fully ported Quake to the cuddly little system.

The developer posted details of how he did it on the Chumby dev forums. He's even working on getting it networked. Can you imagine a retro LAN party of Quake with everyone using Chumbys? Well I can't, but it would make for an interesting, albeit frustrating, experience--for about 30 minutes until everyone moved to Call of Duty 4.

Bunnie Studios posted a short video of the game in action. You use the accelerometer to move, squeeze the Chumby to shoot, tap the screen to jump. Even though Quake is a 12-year-old game now (geez, I'm old!), I'm still impressed they got it to run so well on a device that it obviously wasn't meant for.

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