Ex Microsoft employee pleads guilty to theft of Windows 8 trade secrets

Alex Kibkalo has reached a plea deal with prosecutors.

Windows 8.1 local login
Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET
A former Microsoft employee accused of stealing trade secrets from the company has pleaded guilty to the charges.

Alex Kibkalo, a former senior architect at Microsoft, had been charged with stealing pre-release information about Windows 8 RT and Microsoft's Activation Server Software Development Kit and leaking that information to a French blogger. Microsoft discovered the leak by sniffing through the blogger's private Hotmail account, leading to Kibkalo's arrest on March 19.

Appearing in court on Monday to enter the guilty plea, Kibkalo reached a deal with federal prosecutors that should see him do a mininal amount of jail time, according to The Seattle Times, which posted a copy of the plea agreement. Prosecutors are recommending a three-month prison sentence and restitution of $22,500 to Microsoft.

Kibkalo's sentencing hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. on July 1.

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