Everyday Work, Can The Palm Pre Handle It?

Putting the Pre to its ultimate limits hasn't been more surprising!

Waking up in the morning for another 3:00pm-11:30pm shift at the local hospital, the decision was immediately made to put it through stress and a beating to see how it really performs under pressure. Surprisingly, the Pre held up very well overall. I do hospital security and dispatch and decided that all calls and emails that were sent out were going to be through the Pre itself. Why, some may ask? In rebuttle why not? When doing this I will be able to see how long the battery can last why multitasking with email, calls, and my normal streams of text messages constantly. The device didn't seem to be bothered by this at all as long as there weren't too many apps running in the background. (close by flicking up on the "cards" like a task manager.) By time the tirade was over with the calls and the emails i had totaled over 120 minutes in short calls (rounded) and had sent out over 35 emails to various people on top of the 50 or so text messages and am still at 32% battery life! That is much longer than my HTC Touch Pro lasted, considering I'm stuck in the basement with one bar max if your in the right area of the office. Don't get me wrong there is still room for advancement on the Palm Pre and for WebOs on a whole but they are def on the correct path. Hopefully the official SDK will be released soon so more programs will appear since many don't trust the leaked version. (I need to get my hands on a X32 bit computer since the Palm SDK doesn't support X64 machines) The only major problem that I faced throughout this whole project was a couple of emails kept getting stuck in a loop of failures, the Pre cleared itself up and resent the messages automatically. I did get lucky enough to have my buddy get the ok from his boss to get me a free RocketFish Pre hard shell case and clip to review)

Matthew Lutker
Matthew Lutker
Matthew Lutker
Matthew Lutker
Matthew Lutker
Matthew Lutker

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