Every version of every popular Internet browser...on one page

Hope you have a big monitor; this puppy is wide.

Eric Meyer / CNET Networks

Here's an evening treat for your eyes. CSS guru Eric Meyer has put together a spiffy-looking timeline chronicling the lives (and versions) of five popular Web browsers. Internet Explorer makes it on there twice as Meyer has opted to split up the versions between 6 and the (soon to be mandatory) Version 7. the PC and now defunct Mac version, which Microsoft capped in 2003.

The most interesting takeaways from the graph? Opera's gotten the most versioning love for its age, and all of the browsers share a fairly similar updating schedule at various parts of each year.

Meyer notes that he created the graph after getting fed up with Wikipedia's vertical charts. The result is a chart that will likely require you to do the dreaded horizontal scroll--that is unless you've got your hands on one of those NEC wide-screen displays.

Note: viewing the chart in IE6 won't work.

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