Ever wanted a combination shower-sauna?

From the hydro bathtub people.


Yeah, I thought so. This little appliance from DiVapor, featured on BornRich (naturally), will provide your bathing facilities with both an 8-jet steam shower and a personal sauna unit. Called the Utopia Steam Sauna, it'll only set you back $6,800.

The only beef I have with the design: it looks like you have to step out of the contraption entirely to go from the shower to the sauna or vice versa. But then again, I'm sure nobody who owns this thing will have much of a problem with freezing cold bathrooms to begin with. (Wirelessly controlled thermostats, anyone?)

Oh, and yes, it's created by the same people who brought us the TV-equipped Luxor Hydro Massage Bathtub. So if you're tired of watching 24 in your luxury bathtub, you can supplement it with one of these shower-sauna units and then you'll really get clean. (And spoiled.)

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