Even the MythBusters can't herd cats

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman prove that maybe it's not quite so easy to get cats to do what you want. Then again, maybe they just didn't have enough fish flakes on hand.

"He's like, 'amateur.'"

That's MythBuster Adam Savage, speaking the straight-up truth as he translated a cat's interpretation of his attempts to herd eight uncooperative felines into a pen.

Can you herd cats? Well, as the phrase goes, doing so is among life's harder tasks. So Savage and his " MythBusters " co-host Jamie Hyneman attempted to find out whether it's possible. And their conclusion? Herding cats is like, well, herding cats.

'This is exactly what I will look like when I come back as a cat,' said MythBuster Adam Savage during an episode about herding cats. Screen shot by CNET

The task? Get eight kitties into a big "cat corral." Difficult? You bet. Despite their best efforts, the two simply couldn't manage it, even when trying to pick them up and drop them in the pen.

These guys clearly don't have cats, though. Because if they did, they'd know all they have to do is put a huge pile of fish flakes inside the pen and the furry friends would come running. Maybe cat-herding ethics prohibit such bribery.

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