Eton adds iPod and Sirius for personalized clock radio

Eton unveils two clock radios that let you add an iPod to wake to your own music.


Add Eton to the growing list of manufacturers such as iHome and DLO adding iPod to a clock radio so that you can wake up to your own music. But the company has gone one step further and added Sirius satellite radio connectivity to its new Sound 101 AM/FM clock radio. Unfortunately, the iPod doesn't dock on the Sound 101 (April, $150), but jacks in via a separate charging dock, which could be an ungainly arrangement on a small night table. You also have to add your own Sirius receiver.

A second Eton expandable alarm clock, the Sound 110 (April, $250), subtracts Sirius connectivity but adds a USB jack to plug in a jump drive filled with music, and an SD card slot for folks wanting to listen to music without jacking in a separate music player. Both the Sound 101 and 110 come with wireless remotes and are available in iPod white and black, as well as a silver version for attaching (horrors!) non-iPod players.

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