Esteemo: Nope, it's not a dry cleaner

A joint venture between Panasonic NEC has a new funny name.

Sometimes, I wake up and wonder why I never got into the lucrative field of company branding and naming. You wake up, mix a couple of Latin terms with comic book names and charge someone six figures. How cool is that?

The latest example: Esteemo. It's not a new dry cleaning process. It's not a superhero's sidekick. It's a joint venture between Panasonic and NEC to develop mobile handsets.


"The company name has been coined from a combination of the words Esteem and Mobile to signify establishment by Panasonic and NEC as business partners with mutual esteem for each other, the target of acquiring esteemed customers and of becoming an esteemed company in the market for the development of mobile handsets," the two said in a press release.

The "o" at the end gives it a little European flair. As an added bonus, it's easily adapted to the song "B-I-N-G-O" and could be a magician that works the birthday party circuit. Whatever your favorite connotations, you'll see the brand out there, as both companies have expressed interest in building up their cellular business.

Other recent hall of fame entrants include Spansion, the flash subsidiary of Advanced Micro Devices that sounds like a restaurant in a beach resort; Qimonda, the grammar-rebelling flash subsidiary of Infineon; and BenQ, Acer's consumer electronics company that some people think makes rice.

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