Equalizer frames for your own private rave

The makers of the "T-Qualizer" are at it again.


If the equalizer T-shirt proved a bit impractical and the pillow doesn't match your sofa, there's a more flexible alternative.

The "SpeaQualizer" is a frame that provides a similar experience on any shelf or tabletop, running on AAA batteries. Designed by FlashWear, the same outfit that created the "T-Qualizer" shirt, it's available in two versions with bars that light up in either rainbow colors or "cool jewel tones," according to Technabob.

More discreet than the other options, it can just be turned off (or around) when you're in non-boogie mode. But if you're looking for a display that goes the opposite route, you can also get a larger-than-life version from France that can cover a wall.

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