Epson printers: new drivers; problem with new Stylus Color 800?

Epson printers: new drivers; problem with new Stylus Color 800?

a. New versions of the Mac drivers of Epson's inkjet printers, including the older Stylus 500 and XL models, are posted to an Epson web page. (Thanks, Eric Westby and Michael Griswold.)

b. Jody Hewell writes about problems with the new Epson Stylus Color 800. In particular, text output was very jagged, even though the text from the same document printed fine to a StyleWriter 2400. This happened across avariety of programs. Epson's response to this was that the problem was that the programs were "sending commands to the printer to print bitmapped instead of text. They suggested I call the manufacturer of all my programs and get the latest version. Well, I have the latest version of all of these programs, and they all work fine on the StyleWriter."

Update: Robert Nichols writes that he does not have this problem with his Epson Stylus Color 800 (using a Power Mac 7600). Others have reported problems just getting the Chooser to recognize the printer.


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