Epson printer software and Netscape problems: a follow-up

Epson printer software and Netscape problems: a follow-up

Regarding our coverage last time of Netscape crashing when Epson printer driver software (especially for the Epson Color 800) is installed, Steve Vance found that he only had this problem only when three conditions were met:

  1. The extension Epson Launcher v1.01E is enabled
  2. A print job has been performed
  3. Netscape's prefs are set to launch with a blank page

I was a bit surprised and skeptical of the last item. However, checking through my past email, I discovered two other readers who similarly concurred that the problem only occurred when Netscape was set to open to a blank page. (Thanks, Benjamin Galanti and John Hugg.)

Daniel Hopen claims that he had the problem with Communicator, but not with the stand-alone version of Navigator. Ted Henry only had the problem with Navigator, not Communicator. Go figure.

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