Episode 634: iTunes big pimpin'?

The latest Macworld rumors have nothing to do with ultraportable notebooks or iPhone upgrades. Think "Beyonce's boyfriend."

The latest Macworld rumors have nothing to do with ultraportable notebooks or iPhone upgrades. It's apparently been "confirmed" that Apple will partner with Jay-Z to turn iTunes into a veritable music label. The what, now? In other news, Sears delivers spyware, record labels are a bad investment, and Microsoft charges you with one hand and gives you the same stuff for free with the other.


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Make me blush.

Chris the podcaster
Baggies makes sense.

Tommy from Kingston
Buzz Town wiki help plea.

Video games better than drugs?
I don't think I'd make too much 'a-boot' this for now, but they certainly are making some interesting claims! Keep in mind, VR does not mean Call of Duty 4 or Mario Galaxy, and they are not talking meds *vs.* VR simulations, but meds vs. meds and sims.


Dr. Karl

Hey TMJ,

Following on from the new (and excellent) Buzz Town wiki and Whiskipedia, does anyone feel like setting up a real Whisk-i-pedia on Scratchpad? The wiki could contain information about different kinds of whisks, reviews of the latest and greatest whisks, information about recent whisk defects and explosions and heated French vs. Balloon Whisk discussions. I can see further spin offs from this, including frenchwhiskrumors.com and a whole line of French Whisk retail stores, leading to rampant speculation over what Steve could possibly announce at the upcoming WhiskWorld expo: maybe the new iWhisk?

Hey it could be the next big thing!


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