Episode 53: Road Testing the iPhone 5C

We play with a Wii U and an Atari at a high-tech hotel, take the iPhone 5C for a day on the town, and wonder how our GoPros have survived after all we've put them through.

Given that the Bay Area's home to countless entrepreneurs, computer programmers, and just plain geeks, it's no surprise that our local hotels are starting to follow suit. Hotel Zetta's just a couple blocks away from the CNET headquarters and is helping lead the way by making technology a priority in the hospitality industry. They keep it fresh with Wii Street U, Livescribe Echo smartpens, and an old phone booth equipped with a tablet for skyping. They also sport some old-school vibes like Ataris and record players. Oh yeah, and there's a giant Plinko game that takes up an entire wall of the lobby.

A green-and-blue iPhone 5C puts on its best Croc face.

Amid all this Apple buzz, we got our hands on one of those sprinkle-colored phones that they've been hammering home on the TV waves. Yep, the iPhone 5C sure is flashy. And after you slap on one of those Connect Four-looking cases, it's not supercheap, either. We're not saying the 5C is a bad phone, but unless you're hellbent on looking like a teenager from the '80s, you should be fine with your current 5.

A month or two ago, probably while one of our GoPros was sparring with a kickboxer , freezing in a river , or surviving a giraffe attack , we decided we wanted to make a compilation of all the turmoil our humble action cameras have endured over five seasons. It took some serious footage diving to find the best clips through dozens of torture-testing endeavors, but we believe we've gathered the best. Plus, after all the mountains, oceans, and busy streets we've traversed, we haven't lost a one!

In the mailbag, Aaron H. writes a civilized critique of the Lumia 1020 review and gets a civilized response.

That's it for this week! Thanks for watching, and see you next Tuesday!

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