Episode 16: Torture-testing the iPhone 5

We finally get our hands on the long-awaited iPhone 5, and we immediately try to break it. Find out what happens. Plus, America's Cup racing and unboxing a Tesla Model S!


Everyone else is excited about this being the episode where we torture test the iPhone 5 -- and believe me, I get that, it's pretty exciting. And it was a pretty dramatic test, to be sure, I think you'll be surprised at the combination of tough and not tough displayed by that phone.

iPhone 5 in a fish tank ... the least of its worries.
iPhone 5 in a fish tank ... the least of its worries. CNET

But for me, this episode is all about the America's Cup piece! That's just selfish, though; it's because I had such a great time riding on that catamaran -- and I do think the broadcasting tech is fascinating. America's Cup racing is happening this week in San Francisco, so if you haven't watched it, check it out on TV and look for Stan Honey's LiveLine tech. Trivia note: Honey is the guy who invented the yellow first-down line we Americans see every week on the NFL. He's good for sports!

Also this week, we unboxed the Tesla Model S -- yes, you actually can unbox a car, especially if the key itself comes in a box! That car is gorgeous, quiet, fun to drive, and fast -- but buyer beware: it sounds like the Model S rollouts are happening slower than expected, so be prepared to wait.

As always, your feedback is the highlight of the show, so keep it coming! Let us know what you think of the Torture Tests and more, and thanks for watching!

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