Episode 12: Get a sneak peek at Season 2 of Always On

The second season of Always On starts Sept. 11; get caught up with the best moments from Season 1, including extended scenes, bloopers, and outtakes.


This might surprise you, but our darling Sharon Vaknin has a bit of a potty mouth, and an interesting favorite cursing string that starts with the f-bomb and, well, goes from there. I know, I was shocked, too.

This week, it's blooper time at Always On -- this episode marks the best moments of Season 1 as outtakes and foul-ups (or foul-mouthed-ups, as the case may be, even though that's a completely made-up phrase that makes no sense). But you'll also get extended cuts of some good moments from Season 1, like the full interview with pro gamers Tom Taylor, aka TSquared, and Kelly Kelley, aka Mrs. Violence, from E3. My croaking is a horrible thing to behold, but they're wonderful.

Stay tuned to the end of the show for a preview of what's coming in Season 2: skydiving, America's Cup racing, race cars, and torture tests that include the Nexus 7, the e-ink Amazon Kindle, and the Nokia Lumia 900, tortured ably by Jeff Cannata.

In the next season, we'll have torture tests every week, more Road Tests, and bigger and badder Future Tech stories. Tune in next week for the premiere, and until then, get out your earmuffs (just kidding, we bleeped it -- a lot).

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