Epic Lego Helm's Deep crafted from 150,000 bricks

Two Lego builders dedicate themselves to the details in recreating "The Lord of the Rings" battle of Helm's Deep with thousands upon thousands of Lego pieces and Minifigs.

Helm's Deep in Legos
This is a Lego battle for the ages. Goel Kim

Whatever your fandom may be, some Lego aficionado has probably already built a massive version of it. OK, so we've already seen a 200,000-piece alien city and a 70,000-piece Serenity spaceship. Now feast your hungry building-block eyes on this stunning 150,000-brick Helm's Deep from "Lord of the Rings."

Built by Rich-K and Big J, the model is 90 percent complete. The Lego fans (under the name "Goel Kim") uploaded the creation to MOCpages, an unofficial Lego fan site where builders share their accomplishments. And what an accomplishment this is. The creators managed to capture the regimented mayhem of the battle of Helm's Deep in incredible detail.

The Lego Helm's Deep is awash in elven armies, catapults, ladders, human regiments, and towering walls. Besides the 150,000 bricks it took to build, the set also contains 1,700 Lego Minifigs, all poised to plunge into battle at a moment's notice.

I can't imagine the patience it took to line up the figures so precisely. These really do look like two well-oiled armies about to go at it in epic Middle-earth style. Somehow the orcs manage to look just as ferocious in tiny plastic form as they do in the films. Kudos to the Lego builders who made this scene really stand out in miniature.

(Via Geekologie)

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