Enterprise-level security now available in a home USB device

Yoggie offers a computer within a USB stick that handles enterprise-level Internet security for your home laptop or PC.

Yoggie, an Israeli security vendor, has released USB device called Pico, a Linux-based computer on a stick that provides enterprise-level security on a home laptop or desktop PC. Corporate desktops and laptops reside behind an IT department with dedicated servers blocking inbound malicious content. As home software-based security suites attempt to match these blocking features, they sometimes tax the computer's CPUs--and the end-user's patience. Instead, the Yoggie device handles all the heavy lifting of Internet blocking and security within the USB device itself, liberating desktop or laptop resources ordinarily dedicated for antivirus and antispyware software for other use.

Pico redirects all inbound Internet traffic (LAN, Bluetooth, and wireless) through the USB device before handing it over to the Windows-based laptop or desktop. The Pico is literally a tiny computer with a 520Mhz Pentium processor and it runs up to thirteen Linux-based security appications (depending upon which plan you subscribe). The Yoggie device checks for updates via an encrypted connection every five minutes.

The Pico starts shipping June 10, 2007. The Personal service starts at $179 and includes the USB device plus a one-year subscription. Annual renewals are $40 per year. The Pico Pro version includes a secure VPN client along with central management tools. It starts at $199, with renewals at $40 per year.

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