Enjoy your Kindle at night with the e-Luminator2

M-Edge announces the availability of the e-Luminator2 for the Amazon Kindle, an accessory that provides lighting for nighttime reading.

M-Edge Accessories

Kindle fans, it's time for some nighttime reading.

M-Edge Accessories announced Tuesday its second-generation e-Luminator2 booklight for the Amazon Kindle. This is a sleek-looking, versatile light that's designed to go along with M-Edge's existing line of protective jackets for the e-reader.

The new accessory features a 3-inch-long support arm, a pivoting battery housing, a flexible steel neck, and a housing for the light. The support arm slides behind the Kindle into a specially designed pocket built into the back cover of most M-Edge jackets. The flexible neck can then be positioned at the user's discretion to provide full-screen illumination.

The e-Luminator2 allows for two brightness settings and an optical quality lens to provide smooth, consistent lighting across the Kindle screen. It has a rotating neck, which means you can hook it on either side of the Kindle or the top of the device.

Powered by only one AAA battery, the e-Luminator2 can provide up to 20 hours of continuous reading time. This should translate into at least a few days of heavy nighttime reading.

The e-Luminator2 is fully compatible with the M-Edge jackets for Kindle including the Prodigy, Executive, and Platform, as well as M-Edge's library of products in the new Sport line.

The accessory is available now and for a limited time costs $20, down from the regular $25 price. Other accessories help you read your Kindle in the dark, including the HUGlight, which can do the same thing and more for $5 less.

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