Eneloop battery wand powers devices on the go

Sanyo is introducing the Eneloop Stick Booster, which can recharge mobile devices on the go via a USB connection. It goes on sale December 1 in Japan.


Sanyo is introducing a portable USB recharger that can power mobile devices, such as the iPhone, that require a higher current for charging.

The Eneloop Stick Booster, part of the same family of power products as the USB Solar Panels , comes with two rechargeable eneloop AA NiMH batteries.

The company says the batteries can be recharged some 1,500 times, and eneloops are more effective than dry cells because they don't meet the current requirement of some devices.

The aluminum-construction Stick Booster weighs 2.6 ounces and is 5.8 inches long. When switched on, it can provide power for about 90 minutes on two fully charged eneloop AA batteries.

The device goes on sale December 1 in Japan for what appears to be about $35.

(Via Akihabara News)



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