Endangered ringtones

The Center for Biological Diversity is offering free ringtones of endangered animals to raise awareness.

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If you've already bought the Serenade Clock Radio and you long to hear the mournful howl of the Mexican wolf when your phone rings, then you're in luck as the Center for Biological Diversity is offering free ringtones of endangered species. The goal is to raise awareness of the plight of these animals, and to get more people involved with protecting them.

After giving your name and e-mail, you get to choose which ringtone you want. The ringtones themselves are the sounds of these endangered animals - it ranges from the mighty roar of the polar bear to the high-pitched squeal of the ash-breasted tit-tyrant. The ringtones are free, although standard data charges will apply. Also, the center will send you e-mails about your animal of choice, but you can easily opt out or, if you please, do something to help.

Sure, any schmo can have the theme from the Dukes of Hazzard or a 50 Cent song when your phone rings, but these ringtones could actually make a difference.

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