End of an Era: MacWEEK publication ends

End of an Era: MacWEEK publication ends

Late yesterday, Mac Publishing LLC., the parent company of Macworld, MacWEEK and MacCentral, announced that MacWEEK will be consolidated into MacCentral on Monday, effectively ending MacWEEK's 14-year reign as a news publication.

Andrew Gore provides a short history of the publication from his perspective in Requiem for a Magazine, where he partially reveals the sources of the Mac the Knife column and pays tribute to the magazine's editors past and present. We too have fond memories of MacWEEK, from its beginnings in 1987 as one of the only timely (e.g., more often than monthly) sources of Mac-related information, to its initial foray into electronic distribution in the 90's, when it made its lead stories available online each Friday evening, to its most recent incarnation as a Web-based publication. So ends another chapter in Macintosh history.


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