EMC: An old phone made new

It's a groovy clamshell take on ye old telephone, but it's too simple with only the bare necessities.

Yanko Design

I'm probably old enough (and dating myself) to remember a time when we used those black bakelite telephones with rotary dial to make calls at home. Today these antiques are considered vintage, and some collectors even pay good money to get one. Too bad mum tossed ours when we embraced the digital age and modernized to the sterile cordless phones. So there's something nostalgic about seeing the EMC (Easy Mobile Calling) phone by designer Matthias Pinkert.

It's a groovy clamshell take on ye old telephone, but Pinkert keeps it too simple with only the bare necessities. Besides a built-in speakerphone and lanyard, there are only four keys for one-touch calling--enough naturally for four preset numbers. Surprise, surprise, there's also GPS tracking, which kinda cues us to the market this concept is targeting. Is this really necessary? Today's Baby Boomer retirees are far more with with it and tech-savvy than this gives them credit for.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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