Elon Musk tweets invite to work on Tesla's self-driving Model S

Within the next three years, the electric car company plans to put autonomous driving cars on the road.

Tesla's Model S sedan. Tesla

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk is in a word, ambitious. He announced on Wednesday that his electric car company was embarking on the creation of a self-driving automobile within the next three years. On Thursday, he reinforced this announcement on Twitter by posting an open call for people to come work on the project.

Tesla's self-driving feature will be added to the company's Model S luxury all-electric vehicle. When the Model S launched last year, it was missing one feature-set commonly found among its luxury competitors: driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, or lane-departure warning.

Now, rather than adding in these various features, it appears that Musk is shooting for the moon and making the entire car self-driving. The upcoming technology is said to allow the Model S to perform 90 percent of driving tasks . Fully autonomous driving will follow on a future date.

In his announcement on Wednesday, Musk said Tesla would develop the technology in-house, as opposed to working with Silicon Valley neighbor Google. Google has been leading the charge in developing self-driving technology over the past couple of years and now is said to be looking for car companies with which to partner.

Besides Tesla, a host of other automobile manufacturers are looking to get into various aspects of the autonomous driving vehicle game, including Audi , Mercedes Benz , Cadillac , Ford , Nissan , and Toyota .

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