Electric skillet lends a hand in the kitchen

The Deni Oval Electric Skillet features a nonstick interior and a large depth allowing for a variety of uses.

Two skillets are better than one.
Two skillets are better than one. Chef's Catalog

Having an extra helping hand in the kitchen can be a valuable resource. Cooking a meal is streamlined from start to finish, and the whole process has increased potential to go off without a hitch. The same could be said for cookware. Having the right equipment for the job is of course always a benefit, but having an extra piece of equipment ready to be pressed into duty is a benefit like no other.

Storing easily in a cabinet, hibernating until needed, the Deni Oval Electric Skillet lies in waiting, ready to tackle cooking chores at a moment's notice. The 1,500-watt electric skillet measures 14.5 inches by 12 inches, and its high sides provide ample room for a variety of needs. Designed for use as an alternative to the stovetop, the electric skillet features a 42-inch-long cord that allows for use on even the most crowded of countertops.

With a temperature range of 275 degrees to 450 degrees, the skillet is well-suited for a variety of cooking tasks. The nonstick interior, in combination with the high sides, allow for everything from simmering sauces to braising larger items. Complete with stay-cool stainless steel handles and a tempered glass lid, the kitchen accessory is perfect, no matter how many cooks are in the kitchen.

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