EIC Squared: Microsoft's Mojave, Broadband wars and Dell's music ambitions

On this week's podcast ZDNet's Larry Dignan and CNET's Dan Farber discuss Dell's music player ambitions, Microsoft's interesting focus group with Vista and how the broadband wars are shaking out.

On this week's EIC Squared podcast ZDNet's Larry Dignan and I discuss Dell's ambitions to get into the crowded music player industry, Microsoft's interesting focus group with Vista and how the broadband wars are shaking out.

Dell might make another attempt at bringing a music player to market . With DRM unraveling, Dell doesn't need to beat iTunes, just offer a relatively cool and cost effective listening device that accesses multiple music services via Wi-Fi. Microsoft has a perception problem with it comes to Vista. That is well known, but it may not be because the operating system is lacking. Microsoft conducted focus groups for an operating system called Mojave (which was really Vista) for non-Vista users. Turns out the focus group overwhelmingly liked Mojave, which makes you wonder what caused Vista to have so many detractors at its inception in the market.

Larry offers his take on the battles among Comcast, Verizon and AT&T to win over each others' customers. With three major players, they can compete and divide up the spoils amongst themselves...like the oil companies.

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