Eee PC to get touch-screen treatment in 2009

Asus' general manager of Eee PCs spills on the future of the popular Netbook: a touch-screen is coming.

Eee PC
Here's the current state of the art for Eee PC. Next up: a touch screen. Erica Ogg/CNET News

Because of their small size and inexpensive nature, Netbooks are hot items right now. Asus' Eee PC is one of the more recognizable lines available.

Users have wanted a touch-screen version of their favorite tiny laptops, and it's been rumored for a while that future Eee PCs would implement them. But it wasn't until Thursday that the general manager of the Eee PC line for Asus confirmed that they are coming--next year.

Samson Hu, the general manager, also remarked that future models would get dual-core Atom processors once they come out, and that a new lower-cost model is on the way. According to some reports, there are even more models in the works but details are scant. In all, it's a day of good news for Eee PC fans.

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